Gas Grills Problems Solving Guide

How to solve basic problems with your gas grill?

We will start with safety. So you must always turn off your tank valve and disconnect grill from the fuel source before you think to do anything with it. If it’s on make sure that it is cooled down, and if you had the gas on you must let it dissipate for at least 5 minutes.

Gas grill safety

Problem with the regulator can cause additional problems.This is one of the most common and biggest problems with grills on the market recently. On some new models of grills regulators are little sticky and when they stick your grill will not generate good temperature for grilling. You can fix it of course and that is when you release the pressure on the regulator. Here are the steps for you to do it solo:

  1. first turn off the gas at the propane tank
  2. then disconnect the gas line from the tank
  3. after you disconnected gas like open the grill lid
  4. turn all control valves to high and wait for 2 minutes
  5. then you turn valves to off position
  6. reconnect the gas line and slowly turn on the gas
  7. light the grill and now it should heat normally

If you don’t want your regulator to get sticky again there is a procedure and that is to turn of the control valves first and then tank valve. If this is don’t working then it’s possible that you have faulty regulator.

NOTE: You are doing this on your own risk, Meet and Grill is not responsible for any accidents.

Gas Grill Uneven Heat Problems

If you have problems with uneven heating and heating spots on some grills here is what you can do.

First reason for uneven heat is a burner that is blocked. There are series of holes on the sides of grill burner that are producing flame. When uneven heating appears it is possible that those holes are closed because of the different types of drippings from the grilling. To remove these deposits you can use wire brush or if the burners are fully clogged you will need to remove the burner from the grill to clean it. Be sure to remove everything inside of the burner.

NOTE: Don’t use harsh detergents on your burners cause some of them can cause your burner to rust.

Gas Grill won’t light problem

Sometime it happens that your grill won’t light. There are two types of grill igniters and there are the battery powered and piezo – electric one.

For start if you have battery powered igniter you need to find out if your grill generate sparks inside the igniter. You can find igniter near the burner or some burners if you have more of them. There are also grills that have independent ignition and some of them have a single igniter. For those that have independent ignition and your burners don’t lit up it is possible you have faulty button or the wrong wiring. Check out those parts and replace them if necessary. For those of you with independent ignition and burners don’t lit it is possible that you have some clogging your grills igniter. If you see that your igniter is clogged you must clean it carefully clean it ant test it again. If it’s not clogging than it could be wiring and in that case replace faulty wiring and switches too.