Weber Grills Reviews

Weber Company was born in 1952 when George Weber decided that there is no grill on the market that couldn’t lived up to his expectations. Then one day he started to build his vision about the grill where the bottom half is used for the cooking bowl and the top part is for liquidating the grill. He did some testing and we got the original ”George’s Barbeque Kettle” in 1952. Then he called some neighbours for Meet and Grill and they were thrilled. So he took the grill on the road and started to demonstrate it across the country. 30 years later Weber made their revolutionary gas grill Genesis that would set the standard for all gas grills today. Weber owns charcoal factory and gas factories. So here is a story that is telling you that if you like something, and there is nothing that can satisfy your needs on the market do some brain storm and make your own product and make yourself happy and everyone as well at the same time.

Weber Gas Grills Reviews

Weber Spirit E-310 Black

Weber Spirit E-310-front
For around 600$ Weber Spirit E-310 is really worth your money. It can be easily assembled if you know… Continue reading

Weber / Ducane Affinity 3100

Weber / Ducane Affinity 3100
The assembly is a breeze cause the instructions are simple and the parts fits really good. We must add that the assembly… Continue reading