Char Broil K6B Review


For around 400$ you will indeed get a really well made gas grill that is working good. Char Broil K6B is really huge for this price so prepare the 650 squares of area in your garden. It spreads heat evenly even though with latter use it is possible that it don’t but you can solve that in easy way. It is easy to assemble and it could be in around 1.5 hours and after the use it is easy to clean to. The thing we didn’t like are the ingniter problems from the start and that cover that is recommended isn’t for this grill. So if you don’t want to spend too much money on a gas grill and you want a huge grill for your money Char Broil K6B with all it’s flaws is a good solution for you.

Description of Char Broil K6B

Char Broil K6B for it’s price is a very well made gas grill. It is offering you 650 square inches of area for cooking and if that is now enough you have 250 squares of secondary warming rack. Char Broil on this model has 6 stainless steel burners with searing burner that produce 65,000 BTU (British thermal units) and side burner that produce 10,000BTU. The grill have some parts like cast iron and primary cooking grate that are made from porcelain. Warming rack is made from chrome. Lid, fascia, handle and doors are made from stainless steel. K6B comes with the electronic ignition. We must say that Char Broil K6B is the largest of all the Char Broil grills. So if you desire for one grill that has the size and quality for the price you don’t need to look further. K6B is one huge grill in it’s price range with good specifications.

Review of Char Broil K6B

If you need a gas grill that takes bunch of area at your garden and don’t cost too much money K6B is the solution. It is great for large group of people. When you open the box the parts for the grill may confuse you but the assembly is not that complicated. If you have experience with gas grill assembly it you can count on 1.5 – 2 hours of assembly and if you don’t have experience around 3 hours should be enough.

If you have possibility for the grill to be assembled for free you can try that option too. We had some problems with the center igniter and we needed to wait for Char Broil to send us the part so we can continue. When the part came and we replaced it we BBQ some steaks and we were really satisfied.

The heat spreading was really even so our steaks were burned on the right spots, the cooking didn’t last long and the flavour was juicy. One thing that really caught us of guard is the Cart Cover that is recommended for this grill. Veranda Cart BBQ Cover with medium size of 58” should be enough to cover the grill but watch out! In this case that is impossible and we must consider this as a bad commercial move. We are recommending you the size of 72” even that is a little big for this gas grill but that is the only solution that works. OK so for the end you have enough of cooking power with 65,000 BTU but some flaws too that we noticed later. It is possible that igniter was factory default, but the recommended cover was not.


  • Easy to clean

  • High BTU output

  • Good price

  • Size


  • igniter problems from the start and cover that is recommended for this grill but it’s not made for it.