Char Broil Magnum 500 Dual Fuel Gas Grill Review


In this price range Char Broil M500 is very interesting grill. You can assemble it relatively easy and easy to use and with some cool new features from Char Broil. If you buy additional conversion kit you can go from propane on natural gas in about 30 minutes cause the M500 features “Dual Fuel” feature. It heats up really fast and you can get to 600 in a matter of minutes. Another cool feature that we liked is the thermometer that can be found in the lid. The cooking went smooth as a butter but we would like that the meat were more juicy. The cleaning process after you finish is easy too. So Char Broil Magnum 500 could be made from better material but it would be more expensive but you don’t need to worry you will get what you paid for.

Description of Char Broil Magnum 500

Char Broil Magnum 500 is a dual fuel gas grill with 4 stainless steel burners and it is compatible with natural gas. The power of the grill is 50,000 BTU’s (British Thermal Unit) and 13,000 for side burner. The design is very good and it has a style cart design with two doors that are made of combination of stainless steel and porcelain. It has two cooking areas that cover 500 squares of primary area for cooking and 180 squares for your secondary cooking space. One of the new features on Char Broil M500 is their exclusive “Surefire” electronic ignition and “Dual Fuel” design that is allowing you to convert your propane to natural gas with purchasing of conversion kit. Primary cooking grate and warming rack are made from porcelain. With the conversion kit you can convert Char Broil M500 in less than 30 minutes do it’s a good upgrade if you own pipes for natural gas.

Char Broil Magnum 500 review

The design of Char Broil M500 is really good but you will notice that metal is a bit tin but as long as it doesn’t affect performance for this price range that is not a bad thing. The assembly was relatively easy and it took us around 2 hours but with the instructions it is not so bad. We took the conversion kit too and we can say that is really easy to convert Char Broil M500 on your own cause it’s really not that complicated.

Prepare for around 600 squares of the area for this grill so you can enjoy your cooking. Before we started grilling we notice that there is another feature that we welcome and that is thermometer in the lid. We light up the grill and we were really satisfied when we saw that we get plenty of even heat from the burners that are running for around 500 on low and it heats really fast for this price range. We tested cooking with some burgers and steaks and we must say that not a single piece of meat burned because of the great design of grates. The meat was really good cooked and delicious it could be a little more juicier for our taste but we were satisfied. The burners have one more additional protection from spilling. The only bad thing is that crossover tube on the back that is connecting burners stays lit even if you turn them off.

To be honest we don’t know yet if this has to be like that but we find solution and it helps, and that is to tent that part with aluminium foil. The cleaning was really easy after we finished. Just heat up the grill for about 15 minutes and use classic wire brush without any thoughts about damaging anything.


  • Ease of use

  • Easy to clean

  • Duel Fuel

  • Natural Gas


  • Crossover tube problems