Gas Grills Buying Guide and Tips

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In the summertime one of the most important things to do every weekend for us is to fire up our outdoor grill and enjoy some barbeque. There are lots of things you need to know first about natural gas grills that we all like so much. There are three types of barbeque grills: gas, charcoal, and pellet. Since we like the gas grills best we dedicated this site to bring you guides on how to manage in the world of natural gas grills. Once we give you all the information all you have to do is get some steaks. We will start with a “How to guide”. So we invite you to Meet and Grill with us!

Gas grill buying guide

So you decided to get yourself a gas grill for the first time and you don’t know what to do. There is too much information in your head from your neighbour about all things you must look at and pay attention too? We are here to get rid of that confusion in your head, and to prepare you to make some steaks of course.

Companies that make quality gas grills

First we will tell you something about companies that are making quality gas grills. In our opinion companies that you must look for in your local or Internet store in random order are:

  • Weber that are making grills from 1952 that started because George Weber couldn’t find a grill that will suit his taste.
  • Char Broil that is one of the oldest and most respected cooking brands in the globe.
  • Broil King that is barbecuing family with the goal to give you great price and durability.
  • Napoleon Grills that are designed to offer high efficiency grills and great grilling experience.

This is very important because some of the companies have the replacement parts for their models so you will get longer durability on your gas grill.

Price of gas grills

Second thing is the price and the goal to get the most for what you paid for. The price can vary from a couple of hundred of dollars up to 10-15 thousand or even more. After you decide how much you want to spend it’s time to select between many models that are on the market these days. One thing that you must look for is if the propane tank is included because if it is not you must buy it separately.

Gas grill material and size

Third thing that must draw your attention is the material from which the gas grill is made off. There are a lot of materials that gas grills are made off but the most preferred one is the stainless steel. Stainless steel is material that is used to build professional cooking equipment. One thing you must look into is that you don’t buy a grill that has steel frames that are painted and with that your grill can rust with time. When you are picking the size of the gas grill you must think about what you will cook on your grill and for how many people. For example if you have big family you will need a bigger grill of course. For this the only thing that you must watch for is that you buy one and to decide and look if you have the place for it.

BTU (British thermal unit) of gas grills

Next important thing is BTU rating which measures the amount of heat that your gas grill burner makes. There are some cases where more BTU’s doesn’t mean that your grill will make more heat. It’s all about the distribution of the heat.

In this case you will need to compare the number difference of the grills you want to buy with the size and the shape. NOTE: There are smaller grills that can produce higher temperatures with lower number of British thermal units (BTU).

Gas Grill Features

There are many features every gas grill has from multiple level cooking surfaces to side burners and other stuff. You must decide what will you use your grill for and buy the one that has the features you want.

Start Grilling

That is it, we think we cleared some things you didn’t know about gas grills and that you like what you see. Check out our grill reviews, grill accessories or grill barbeque recipes too!

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