Napoleon Mirage 485 Review


With the price of around $1200, Napoleon Mirage 485 gas grill is not expensive for what it offers. You will get a great gas grill with new infrared technology. This Grill from Napoleon offers great build quality and features like 74.000 BTU. Napoleon Mirage 485 can be easily assembled if you follow the instructions. It spreads heat evenly so you don’t need to worry about the final product. The infrared technology is great because of the speed of cooking and the stability of the temperature. Be sure to prepare some space for this great grill, as well as to prepare your meat.

Description of Napoleon Mirage 485

Napoleon Mirage 485 is a quality built and well designed grill for everyone who love to cook on a grill. It has three stainless steel bottom burners and it produces total of 74.000 BTU (British thermal unit). Two of three burners have Napoleons infrared technology. It also has a large storage for all your grill related stuff, and there are two stainless steel curved door included in the grill packaging.

With the patented jetfire ignition you can be sure that your grill will lit up every time you need it. Napoleon Mirage 485 gas grill has a removable pan and condiment trays for additional storage should you need it. It’s a large grill, so be prepared to secure space for grilling as you will need around 700 square inches.

Review of Napoleon Mirage 485

For the start we must say that Napoleon mirage 485 is really well packaged. Because of the packaging and the dimensions of 27 x 64 x 50 inches and almost 180 lbs you can’t lift it alone, so bring some friends. The assembly instructions are well made and it takes between 2 and 3 hours for assembly, though that depends on your previous experience. But if you follow the guide you will have no problem.

After we assembled the grill and we powered it up, we were amazed. Because of its total power of 74.000 BTU it takes only around 5 minutes for the grill to become really hot. It spreads temperature evenly so we were satisfied with the result and our stomach was quite satisfied too. When you lit it up we recommend you to maintain the constant temperature of the grill because it’s better for you and for the Napoleon. If you like to cook on charcoal there is the option for that too but you will need to buy the charcoal tray that is sold separately here and it’s not expensive.

Speed of cooking is really good for example you can cook a nice roasted stake in about 10-15 minutes depending on your taste. We were really satisfied with the infrared cooking even if we are old school guys that like charcoal or natural gas the most. But the speed of cooking and taste of the meat is surprisingly good on this one. So if you like to try infrared cooking we can recommend it for many reasons but if you don’t like it there is always the option for charcoal.


  • Ease of use

  • Design

  • Quality

  • Infra red Technology


  • Charcoal tray is sold separately