Napoleon Mirage 605 Review


Priced at a mid-range $1,399.00, Napoleon Mirage 605 (M605RSBIPSS-1) offers great build quality and makes cooking with your friends and family easy. It offers 90,500 BTU for versatile cooking and 908 Square inches of cooking surface. Mirage 605 has three 304 stainless steel tube burners and one bottom infrared burner for searing. A rear infrared burner allows you to rotisserie cook your food and the range side burner for your pots and pans. While this grill isn’t cheap, it’s great build quality makes it for a good long term investment.

Description of Napoleon Mirage 605

Napoleon Mirage 605 is a high quality grill that comes with built-in propane gas grill with infrared rear burner. It has five (5) total burners, three bottom burners have 48,000 BTUs, one bottom, ceramic infrared burner has 16,000 BTUs, and the one in the rear with 79,500 BTUs. It’s available in both propane and natural gas. With 908 Square inches of cooking area there is plenty of space for all your meat and veggies.

Size of the Mirage 605 is 38x30x22 inches. It weights 125 lbs, and shipping weight is almost 280 lbs.

Review of Napoleon Mirage 605

With it’s price at $1,399.00, the Napoleon Mirage 605 isn’t cheap. But is it worth the money? We will find out! Firstly, this grill is very good looking with the side enclosures. You won’t be embarrassed to call your friends or business partners for dinner.

It is easily assembled, and you shouldn’t have any problems with it. It might take you a few minutes longer if you don’t have experience, but you can do it no problem.

Mirage 605 also includes automatic JETFIRE ignition, so start up is easy, and it also has I-GLOW backlit control knobs that look cool in the dark.

Cooking is fast and easy with this grill. You can easily cook meat in just a few minutes, depending how well you want it done. What surprised us is how good it tastes. It’s easily comparable to a charcoal grill (our favorite taste).

One thing we don’t like is that a lot of needed stuff comes extra. We would have liked to see Rotisserie Kit or Full Length Grill cover included in the price, since the grill is not that cheap.

All in all, this grill is a great long term investment. It’s not cheap, but the build quality is excellent, the grill looks awesome, and we can recommend the grill to people who will use it often.


  • Ease of use

  • Lots of space for grilling

  • Quality and great looking grill

  • 5 total burners


  • Rottiserie Kit and Full lenght grill cover is sold separately